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What makes Teriaca Srl a "Reliable Partner"?

The consolidated managerial structure of Teriaca Srl allows us to offer the client a complete package of business services both in the consultancy phase and in the implementation phase, guaranteeing a "Turn-Key" service of exclusive excellence.

We provide extremely high quality results in absolute safety and reliability.
We meet the most diverse needs of the real estate business, from construction to investment.

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The business sectors concern

Private residential construction
This is the strength of Teriaca Srl, a sector in which it boasts prestigious achievements and the ability to tackle problems on any scale of intervention.

Teriaca Srl is able to use both cutting-edge and traditional technologies, making use of materials and techniques suitable for each specific situation, for buildings and for all related works: condominium, district, urban planning.

Teriaca Srl stands out for its attention to the evolution of taste and habits of "living", imposing high quality standards in the construction of buildings by binding to the needs of modern life. This process has always interested Teriaca Srl through the selection of the best project partners present in the contemporary scenario.

Furthermore, it has always made a great commitment to respecting the delivery times of the works and to the budget established with the client, suggesting in real time, through the constant partnership with sector specialists, design and construction alternatives in order to optimize the manufacturing processes. .
Public housing
In close collaboration with the public administrations, the most disparate construction and management techniques are studied and approved in order to obtain a settlement suitable for the socio-territorial fabric in which it is inserted.

Compliance with costs and the construction process is particularly kept under control in order to make the use of urban social housing spaces sustainable and compatible, with the various forms of transfer to citizens (rent with redemption, rents proportional to income) of housing made.

Teriaca Srl is able to deal with social housing strategies throughout the national territory, respecting the tradition and culture of each local area.
Urbanization and road works
Teriaca Srl is able to carry out projects or urban level complete in all their parts, without neglecting all the works of arrangement and completion that are essential for the correct functioning of the settlements. Parking lots (uncovered and / or underground), pedestrian and cycle paths, roads and roads, green areas, aerial or underground systems, all included in the context of an urban-environmental design.
Public construction and infrastructure
The quality of public well-being is linked to the presence of citizen service activities, such as health centers, police barracks, emergency response centers, public transport infrastructures, social welfare facilities.

Teriaca Srl, in its many achievements in various building sectors, includes a great experience of hospital structures of various degrees, sometimes with integrated university structures. This sector requires great structural and plant engineering skills and, last but not least, complete planning, making use of leading partners in the sector.

It also counts many barracks for the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, both for carabinieri and firefighters, throughout the national territory.

With multiple social welfare organizations, it has created various structures for the hospitality of self-sufficient and non-self-sufficient elderly people, focusing on the quality of care and life for guests. The structural panorama is also completed by experimental innovative transport systems (hospital-underground connection), railway stations, technological towers for telecommunications.
School building
Teriaca Srl has created various school structures, of all levels and sizes, inserted in general residential contexts and therefore calibrated on the actual needs of the catchment area, taking into account the change in educational activities over the last few years for the creation of flexible and adoptable spaces for needs of an ever-evolving school.

The deep attention to the design and the use of materials with the best performance standards, leads to the creation of a high-quality building capable of giving well-being and safety to children and adults who use it.
Sports building
Teriaca Srl has created various sports structures of various quality levels and Sport Buildings inserted in specific urban contexts and therefore sized on the actual needs of potential users.

The consistency of the interventions is very varied and ranges from the professional football stadium to the sporting club for residential centers. There are also several gyms for school structures, but also swimming pools, sports fields, golf clubs.

The consistency of the sports facility is always characterized by its inclusion in general contexts, for which use and size are always designed according to the user, thus avoiding under-use.
Commercial and tertiary construction
Teriaca Srl boasts the construction of the first "integrated" shopping center in Italy.

This project concerns the construction of a multifunctional complex consisting of a stadium, a commercial gallery, a multiplex cinema, two towers used as municipal offices and various recreational activities.

The ability to take into account all the aspects related to prestigious commercial settlements, allows to carry out functional interventions at urban and district level, developing roads, buildings, urbanization works in consideration of the environmental system in the area.

Teriaca Srl works with important partners, leaders in commercial distribution (such as Conad, Auchan.) Who have become consolidated customers over the course of over 25 years of activity.
Hotel construction
Comfort and hospitality characterize the image and prestige of a hotel.

These aspects come from a careful design in all phases, a careful selection of materials and the quality of the construction processes. The final quality level is always taken care of with the utmost attention, using innovative technologies (for example completely pre-fitted bathroom modules assembled on site) and respecting the most specific regulations.

Prestigious hotel chains are satisfied customers and partners of Teriaca Srl in this sector of activity by virtue of the company's ability to make the most effective improvement proposals available through the supervision of its project partners even during construction activities.
Industrial construction
Teriaca Srl has faced the need to build large spaces covered with prefabricated elements, in order to ensure speed of construction and containment of costs. State-of-the-art experimental construction technologies are also studied and used (for example the "Tunnel" system) to obtain monolithic and anti-seismic structures, with high-level finishes and predispositions for advanced plant engineering.

Large complexes have been built for exhibition use ("Il Girasole" Shopping Center, conceived as a possible expansion of the Milan fair), or for purely production purposes (Mondatori rotogravure center in Melzo, the largest in Europe).

Structural consolidations and extensions of existing buildings were also completed, also varying the intended use.
Green building and innovative technologies
Respect for the environment and the preservation of the territory is one of the most important issues of contemporary economic and political activities.

Teriaca Srl is engaged in projects that are part of European projects (eg. "European Project SHE" - Sustainable Housing in Europe) with the use of techniques related to green building and aimed at energy saving. From the construction of these construction sites and the problems faced, the experience related to energy saving while respecting the environment increases. These processes can be used in future interventions, even if not necessarily included in specific green building plans.
Historical-environmental building (Renovation and restorations)
With a view to safeguarding the environment and resources, the recovery of the historical and cultural building heritage is of fundamental importance, in close collaboration with the superintendencies, municipalities and all other bodies involved.

The attention to even the smallest detail inserted in the general context of the recovery characterizes a way of operating for the preservation and transmission of local cultural contents, in a non-invasive and respectful of the context. For a state-of-the-art restoration, ancient technologies and historical materials are recovered in a skilful mix with the most modern construction procedures, aimed at recovering the artefact while respecting its historical nature but ensuring its conversation.

The activities of Teriaca Srl concern a wide range of interventions in highly differentiated functional contexts and endowed with unique peculiarities: it has dealt with recoveries ranging from the cinema in the period building in the center of Milan (transformed into a modern multiplex) to the castle of the 16th century with annexed historic farmhouses (re-proposed as an accommodation facility for golf clubs). There are also restorations of historic buildings, conservative rehabilitation of real estate compendiums.
Luxury Architecture
Teriaca Srl boasts prestigious achievements in the luxury building sector, making use of the most sensitive design partners committed to fully satisfying the needs of the client.

Comfort, Style & Luxury are the essential concepts for the development of initiatives of such particular importance that place the projects within the Luxury Architecture category.

The precision and quality in the design and construction define the nature of what is today Teriaca Srl.

The attention to detail manifested in the offer of a "Made In Italy" product both in the design and implementation fields, has led the company to expand its Core-Business also and above all in the realization of private initiatives of extreme luxury and therefore in the realization of buildings both in terms of construction and Interior Design as well as outfitting according to the “Turn-Key” formula.


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